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Tips to Improve ROI from Email Marketing

Digital Marketing is now a must have for most businesses, but not all areas within the discipline are created equal.

Email is a case in point. As social media usage and reliance has increased, and direct mail has almost disappeared, the email has become the new junk mail. Stats are disturbing, with over 70-80% of all emails now spam mail – depending on which survey you read, and exactly when – and the lack of engagement from recipients on an ever-decreasing spiral.

Much of this lack of engagement is down to the ‘batch and blast’ methods so disliked by most people and yet so frequently used by most PR and marketing departments and unthinking companies.

Unfortunately the net result is that fewerdigital marketing: the problems with email marketing ‘newsletter’ emails get opened, let alone read, and so the ROI continues to be very low. The solutions are not new but they do bear repeating:

Tailor your newsletters – not every one has the same requirements, so don’t treat them the same. Yes it takes time to segment your list and send tailored newsletters or individual emails, but the ROI is likely to be much higher than a ‘batch and blast’.

Keep a clean list and keep it clean – have your system set up so that once you haven’t heard from a customer for a certain timeframe, they automatically receive a welcome email (with a discount voucher to use if they return if its appropriate). Also assume they don’t want to hear from you if they don’t return (tell them they will be removed or can ask to be removed if this is the case) and ask them to confirm if they do. Yes, your list will be smaller, but hopefully much more likely to actually trigger sales, and also you will have hopefully have gained an advocate in the person you didn’t continue  ‘blasting’.

Keep your emails short – few people read below the fold, especially if it’s a newsletter type email they didn’t especially want to receive, so keep the message short and sweet.

Don’t use pdf attachments – even fewer people open those than read html newsletters.

Do republish your newsletters – use them as news on your website, to gain the SEO and search benefits. It also means you are reaching a bigger audience than just your email list, and many people like to see what you are offering and how pertinent it is before they sign up to your list.

Add social media – far too many business emails still don’t contain the social media links for the companies social media profiles, which is a shame since studies prove that most people on social media follow at least 3 or 4 brands, and that most prefer to receive information via social media rather than via email.


Fashionably Late… or Better Late Than Never?

Further adventures in Social Media world

Twitter gets ever more popular, is it too late for businesses to join in?

Twitter gets ever more popular, is it too late for businesses to join in?

A pal of mine announced this week on Facebook that the House DJ consortium KOTG (Keep Off The Grass) he heads up had ‘just discovered Twitter’.

I was stunned.

Not because I thought they shouldn’t, quite the opposite, but because he seems to be into all things online and fairly marketing savvy. He uses Facebook a lot, especially for promoting the KOTG events, so to confess to having ‘only just discovered Twitter’ seemed amazing
especially considering I joined it in 2006, a few months after it launched, and have been known to *ehem* bang on about it a fair bit.

So I asked him – like you do – what had taken him so long? His reply? “The cool kids are always late”, to which I have to confess I laughed out loud, which perhaps wasn’t kind, but while being late might equal cool in the music world (I’m still not convinced, actually), it’s completely untrue when applied to media and technology, which is why over the last decade all the geeks and techno bods have become the coolest kids in the world, let alone town!

In fact, in light of the current social media privacy uproars, that’s actually like claiming that you are being ‘fashionably late’ to a party, when you in truth you spent ages pretending you didn’t really want to go, got lost en route and only manage to turn up when the bouncers have been sent in to straighten the place out and some of the peeps are thinking about calling a taxi.

On the plus side it did get me thinking.

While there is no arguing with the fact that sites go in and out of fashion – just look at ecademy, which was the place to network online in the early noughties and is now somewhere the savviest online networkers and most brilliant techies and businesspeople I know can’t mention without shuddering – at what point in business terms does being ‘fashionable late’ (lol…sorry, still making me chuckle) become ‘don’t even bother’.

Forresters’ report of B2B marketing last year highlighted the way corporations and businesses are using social media in all areas of business from making purchasing decisions, keeping tabs on trends and competitors to promoting their brand and recruiting staff.

And they concluded that if you were B2B business and you weren’t in social media already in 2009 then, as they put it so succinctly, “You’re Late!”

B2B is a way behind B2C social media marketing, and KOTG is definitely B2C, albeit on a small but perfectly formed scale, so where does that leave them in the grand scheme of things? Wasting their time or is it just simply a case of better late than never? We are all aware of how much the sheer ‘noise’ level has increased on Twitter, especially over the last 18 months, and as a digital strategist who uses Twitter as part of marketing cycles for my clients I know it can be an uphill struggle at times, depending on the product and brand. And obviously changes are in the air, as already noted about the privacy uproar.

However, despite everything that’s written about it and all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, and yes the snotty attitudes from some of the ‘latecomers’ and dismissal by others, it can be extremely effective as a marketing tool as long as it is used properly, with proper analysis, reporting and monitoring…

And fun and addictive if it isn’t 🙂

As a girl who has been early in to just about every digital trend there’s ever been, with daughters who use it all as naturally as breathing, I definitely think it’s not going away any time soon and here are my top 5 reasons why I think so:

  1. People’s lifestyles are more fragmented and busier than they have ever been and they can end up feeling disconnected – social media makes it easier to keep up with friends and family and trends, plus it makes it easier to make decisions (what’s everyone else doing?), and makes them feel connected to the wider community. Don’t ever underestimate the power of feeling ‘one of the gang’.
  2. People are used to looking at screens and getting information at the press of a button. It is in our nature to find the short cuts and to want it NOW, so this is our perfect medium, so it really isn’t going to stop any time soon.
  3. The digital revolution has driven a whole new way of working, especially for parents, and in their turn they are raising a generation for whom it is normal for parents to work from home, even if only part time, using a computer, and a huge number do it as a career, marketing themselves, networking online and running their businesses, all using the internet and while they still often ending up looking like something out of The Matrix. It’s becoming the norm, not distinctly odd as it was when I started way back in 1995!
  4. The computers that run the web love anything that is frequently updated and fresh and if that isn’t social media I don’t know what is! Social media = SEO = being visible online = comment/purchases/sales/influence/decisions…etc etc
  5. It’s fun. We are a species who likes to play. We learn when we play and we play as often as we can wherever we can. This is just the latest way we do it and until we get bored it’s here to stay.

So… glad you decided to join Twitter, @ KOTG_DJs, welcome to the party, look forward to reading your tweets! 🙂


Social Media at Cybermummy Conference 2010

A couple of month’s ago I was up in London to meet with Vodafone peeps about their Working Women campaign, for which I have been one of their Brand Ambassadors.

One of the other women ambassadors was someone I knew in her online persona, A Modern Mother and British Mummy Bloggers, but not in person as Susanna, so it was really nice to get to chat with her face to face at last.

We soon realized we had a huge amount of synergy going on, not least a background of marketing, being early innovators online (we discovered we knew each other from the earliest Twitter days, when there were only about 50 of us Twitter peeps from the UK and not many more from the US!) as well as working virtually to enable us to maintain a professional career and be a hands-on mum.

And out of that came a big discussion about her latest baby, the Cybermummy conference, and I am delighted to share that I will now be speaking at Cybermummy about social media and how you can make it work for you.

The Cybermummy Conference is a first for the UK, who have consistently lagged behind the States with all things WAHM (www.funkyangel.co.uk was the first WAHM site in the UK, launching in 2005) and the online and virtual working mum revolution, and as such is to be welcomed with open arms.

Using technology to work virtually, and being able to promote your business and network without leaving your chair is an amazing thing when you think back to the past and the need to commute to do a job worthy or the title, to have to pay an agency huge sums to promote your startup or new product, or to get up at 5am to go along to a hideous BMI breakfast meeting!

With my business midwife hat on I have noticed a huge improvement in the speed in which a business can be set up and start to turn a profit, just using all the online tools and techniques now available.

The plus points, and they are HUGE, are that women are no longer quite as hampered by biology as previously (still hampered, but nowhere near the same level), children benefit from having their mums (and dads) around more,  household income isn’t swallowed up in traveling or childcare costs, and the business and marketing fields has been leveled quite radically. It has, in fact, never been easier to start a business and the chances of it succeeding are higher than ever before, mainly as a result of the flexibility and lowered costs bought about by technological advances.

The downside is, of course, the isolation when you work from home, and the lack of camaraderie that you have on tap in an office, which is why events like Cybermummy are so important. Networking online is one thing, and very valuable – I met both my business partners, Sally and Helen, through online networking – but the buzz and support you get from being with your peers and colleagues is something else again and a chance not to be missed!

So if you haven’t booked your tickets yet, what are you waiting for?! See you there…


I consult on social media and media strategy over at The Media Marketing Co, where we do digital marketing and pr strategy and campaigns. If you would like to contact me there, please do, or by my email on claire[at]claireburdett.com


Social Media Marketing Book to be Published

Well, here’s some excellent news. 🙂

A few weeks ago I wrote a ‘lil eBook to help businesses understand what social media can do to help them market themselves and increase their traffic. It was a product for our digital and social media marketing and PR agency, where we help clients plan and execute their digital media marketing and PR and intergrate it in a holistic way to raise brand profile and increase traffic and sales leads.

It’s a challenge to create interesting, remarkable and fresh regular blogs and content, and twit, FB, linkit, flickr, dig, stumble and delicious it every day, let alone create products such as white papers, eBooks, webinars, podcasts, video, and then link it back into the traditional and online PR and marketing campaigns, that most companies are quailing – and often failing, which is worse than not trying at all. Nothing like an empty company blog to proclaim that you can’t be bothered. Which is where we step in.

The eBook, called ‘WTF Can Social Media do for your Business’ has already proved a great hit with our visitors and their networks and…cue trumpet fanfare!… I have just been signed up by Bookshaker (Lean Marketing Press) to write a full-length version for publication in eBook, Kindle and paperback. Nice.

Watch this space! 🙂


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